Boulder Optical Design Inc.


Boulder Optical Design Inc. is dedicated to serving the optics industry with high-level scientific and technical support in optical physics. Our consulting services include thin film materials, thin film design, laser damage, optical measurement, mathematical modeling, and scientific writing.


Examples of services that we provide

  • Material choices and design for applica-tions requiring high laser damage threshold.
  • Design the optical system for a particle detector.
  • Create or review thin film designs and/or specifications for a complex optical system.
  • Determine optical parameters for a coating material, based on spectrophotometer scans and other data. Extrapolate to other wavelengths where possible.
  • Design and set up an experimental measurement of the group delay dispersion (GDD, sometimes called group velocity dispersion) over a given wavelength range for an ultra-fast laser mirror.
  • Design a thin film for an ultra-fast, controlled-GDD mirror.
  • Optimize coating designs for improved manufacturability.
  • Designed an ExtremeRangeTunableFilter, with a tuning range of over two octaves (factor of 4 in wavelength or frequency). A UV/VIS/NearIR example tunes from 322 to 1070 nm, and a mid IR example tunes from 1380 to 5580 nm.
  • Modeling a complex optical system, e.g. an interferometric interleaver for telecommunications, including detailed effects of thin film designs, dimensional errors, and material dispersion.
  • Review and help write the scientific content on a grant proposal.