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About Alan Streater

Alan D. Streater, president of Boulder Optical Design Inc., has a Ph.D. in physics (JILA/NIST, U. of Co. 1985). He worked 2.5 years on postdoctoral research (Leiden University), and then spent 11 years in the Physics Department at Lehigh University (tenured 1995), specializing in the interaction of light and matter, followed by 11 years in the optics industry (Research Electro-Optics and Boulder Optical Design, Inc.). Dr. Streater has 40 publications, including several patents and pending patents.

Dr. Streater has the clarity of a teacher, the depth of a researcher, and a practical approach that is essential in industry. His expertise includes light propagation, optical materials, laser damage, mathematical modeling, thin film optical design, thin film deposition, and optical measurements.

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