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Boulder Optical Design Inc. is dedicated to serving the optics industry with high-level scientific and technical support in optical physics. Our consulting services include thin film design and materials, optical measurement, modeling, and scientific writing.


White light optical monitor

White light passes through the part, and the transmission spectrum is measured. Deposition is stopped when the spectrum matches the theoretical prediction for the end of the layer.

It is harder than it sounds. There are three critical parts that make a precision system work well. I am expert in all three:

  • Hardware: For high precision optical monitoring, a good signal makes all the difference. I have enormous experience and skill in optical precision measurements and spectroscopy, especially in precision optics and thin films.
  • Precise material characterization: This is necessary so that the theoretical spectrum matches well with the experimental spectrum. This is my specialty, and it starts with a deep understanding of the interaction of light and matter.
  • Mathematics and software: I have developed software that uses a very sophisticated merit function for predicting the approaching stop time from the measured spectrum.

When I set up an optical monitor system in your chamber, I bring all of this experience with me. The cost is strongly dependent on the current status of your process development, and the goals that you want to achieve.

I invite you to enjoy this entertaining and educational OM layer endpoint movie, showing the endpoint spectrum and theoretical target spectrum at the end of each layer, for a 51-layer run. The results are from an optical monitor system that I set up.

Please feel free to call and discuss how to set up an optical monitor for your system.